Coach Wynn

Michael Wynn is the Head Coach of Texoma Takeover. He is from Lawton, OK and played 6A high school basketball for the Eisenhower Eagles. In 2017 Michael earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Coach Wynn has 5+ years experience in coaching youth recreational basketball and flag football. He was an assitant coach for the Southern Oklahoma Saints, an NFL Performance Flag Football Team, who ranked in the top 8 in the regional tournament in New Orleans, LA in 2015.

Michael Wynn is the co-owner of Wynn First Sports, a company that host youth sports leagues and tournaments in Ardmore, OK. Wynn First Sports is eager to announce they are sponsoring Texoma Takeover for the 2017-2018 season.

Coach Wynn is confident his team is ready to compete at high level. He is dedicated to the advancement of each players skill level and basketball IQ.

"Great basketball talent without great decision making on the court, puts limitations on a players ability to excel."